They say that you become the average of the five people you spend your time with.

Here’s your chance to join a group of individuals in the who are dedicated to becoming greater versions of themselves.

Connect with Others

Have regular contact with the other tribe members within our Whatsapp group.

Be held accountable

Set yourself a goal and we’ll hold you accountable to hit it. Struggle with that goal and we’ll keep you motivated.

Share Insights

Gain knowledge from others and pass your insights down to those who need it.

Celebrate Victories

When you get a victory we want to hear about it (No matter how big or small!)

Embrace Defeats

We’re not only interested in the victories, share your defeats here to discuss lessons learnt and strategies to secure the win next time!

Becoming the best version of yourself is subjective.

Some examples of what this may mean to different individuals are as follows:

Becoming healthier/stronger/fitter ✔️
Building a business ✔️
Developing new skills✔️
Giving up alcohol ✔️
Becoming happier ✔️
Improving your creative skills ✔️
Making more money ✔️
Becoming more influential ✔️
Being a better parent ✔️

Who the Tribe Is For:

People of any age 

People of any gender 

People of all abilities 

Who the Tribe Is Not For:

People who are negative

People who are not willing to learn

People who are not willing to try

What Our Members Are Saying About the Tribe🔥

Check out some of the incredible transformations from members of the tribe below:

Tribe Transformation: Kasey Brown

Tribe Transformation: Kasey Brown

Before I even began thinking about making any changes, my life was completely different. Not only my life, but me as a person. I do not recognise who that person was. Honestly, I must start this by thanking Elliott Oshoko for allowing me to join the Tribe, and of...

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