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Charlie has given his permission for everything included in the case study below 👍


Charlie and I have been friends since we were teenagers, he’s always had a love of martial arts and took part in athletics as a kid, but over the past year or so, he had been neglecting his fitness and drinking too much.

We met up for a coffee towards the start of 2019 and got talking about the gym. This led Charlie to ask whether he could come and train with me.

Often when people tell me they’d like to get started at gym they don’t follow through with it, however low and behold Charlie arrived at the gym later that week.. and the gains began.

The Process

The Training Begins:

Charlie was happy to jump in with my training plan. I had recently changed my fitness priorities from losing fat to gaining muscle and strength. My chosen training method for this was powerlifting as it’s known to be one of the fastest methods for gaining strength and muscle.

This meant that during the early stages of our training Charlie had to get to grips with the three big powerlifting exercises; The Squat, The Bench and The Deadlift. Charlie approached each lift with enthusiasm and quickly developed a love for the deadlift.

Below is a clip from one of our first deadlifting sessions:

We trained together roughly 3 times a week and after our sessions, we’d get talking about other aspects of our lives which brought us on to the next challenge.

Going Sober:

One of the easiest ways to see significant improvements within your life is to give up habits which can hold you back such as alcohol, drugs or procrastination.

We talked about the subject of giving up alcohol a few times, Charlie was resistant at first and would tell me that he couldn’t do it. Each time I’d tell him that he was just making up excuses.

Then one evening we were driving back from the gym and he was telling me about how hungover he was over the weekend and something just clicked. He had nothing to lose, so he decided to give going alcohol-free a shot.

The Struggle

Charlie and I continued to train hard throughout 2019, every now and then we’d have an off session or he’d fail a lift and then beat himself up about it on the drive home.

However, What I respect about Charlie is that he never gives up… No matter how tough a session was or how disappointed he was about failing a lift he’d always return to the gym next time with even more determination.

The Result

As Charlie’s strength grew and his technique improved suddenly he was smashing through PBs almost every session.

In the video above Charlie successfully deadlifted 190kg which is 2.44x his bodyweight. This makes his deadlift stronger than 82% of lifters of his weight according to strengthlevel.com.

Charlie achieved this having been a complete powerlifting beginner in May and after just 7 months of training.

Not only was Charlie absolutely crushing it in the gym, but he was also remaining totally alcohol-free.

He was reaping all the benefits of giving up alcohol, both his physical and mental health were steadily improving. He no longer had to deal with hangovers, he was saving more money and best of all he felt happier than he had been in a while:

Below is a screenshot from Charlie’s quit drinking app:

In December me, Charlie and our group of mates went out for a meal. I vividly remember looking over at him down the table from me…

He was sat there proudly clutching his bottle of becks blue with a smile on his face and a whole new glow of confidence and positivity.

Charlie’s new confidence, strength and love of powerlifting led to him to compete alongside me in a local powerlifting competition.

He came away with a 130kg Squat, 90kg bench and a 190kg deadlift.

This was an awesome way to end 2019, I’m incredibly proud of Charlie for what he has accomplished and I’m excited to see what he achieves next 💪


It’s amazing how fast your life can improve as a result of simply altering your habits, being willing to challenge yourself and having the discipline to remain consistent in your efforts.

This blog gives me a platform to document the challenges and progress of both myself and others in order to inspire more people to take on more challenges of their own.

Spending this time with Charlie inspired me to launch a free WhatsApp group for people to share their challenges, progress and become better versions of themselves.

To join me, Charlie and the rest of the members click here to find out more.



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