The Challenge

The 50’000 step challenge is super simple, you just need to do 50’000 steps per week.

You can log the steps on your smartwatch or phone. I personally chose to log them on my phone with the native fitness app, if you’re on android you can use ‘Google Fit’ and for Apple users, there’s ‘Apple health’.

The Benefits

Improved health

This challenge will have you walking over 5km per day. This is enough to help you burn a decent amount of calories, boost your immune function, and improve your circulation.


Improved Mood

Going outside and getting some air can be a great way to lift your mood. Moving around helps to increase the flow of endorphins throughout your body. Some people also find that they become more creative when they go for a walk, this may help you come up with new ideas of solutions for problems.


Build Connections

Going for a walk on your own can be great for clearing the mind but going for walks is also a great opportunity to connect and bond with friends, family and dogs!

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