How to Get the Most Out of the Tribe

1. Be Held Accountable and Share Your Progress.

Within the tribe, we’re all united with one common goal – to become the best versions of ourselves.  By sharing your goals it allows us to hold you accountable and push you to complete them.

Whatever your goals are, whether you want to improve your health, build a business, become more creative, develop new skills or break bad habits then share it here so that we can hold you accountable and help you stay motivated. Then when you progress with your goals let the group know so that we can celebrate with you!

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2. Ask Questions.

By joining the tribe you have the opportunity to gain answers, perspectives and opinions from a range of people from different walks of life. There’s no such thing as a stupid question so go ahead and ask away.

Just be sure to pay it to forward and provide your insights when others ask questions.

3. Take the Tribe Challenges.

Each month there will be a challenge set for the tribe. These challenges are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and break your normal habits.

Some past challenges include:

  • Waking up at 5am every day
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily cold Showers
  • Practising daily gratitude
  • 10k steps per day

These challenges have helped our members build new habits, become healthier and build their discipline.

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4. Join the Tribe Zoom Sessions.

Each month we have tribe zoom sessions, these are a great opportunity for you to get to know the other members better and to discuss your current goals/challenges.

You can join the sessions either from a PC, Phone or tablet, you’ll just need to download the Zoom app.

5. Don’t Worry About Being Active Within the Group 24/7.

Don’t feel pressure to constantly chat and stay active within the group. The goal is for you to crush it in real life, not sit around chatting on WhatsApp all day. Also, if the group notifications get annoying then mute them 🙂

More info about the purpose of the Tribe:

About Me:

My Name’s Elliott Oshoko,

I’m  a Content Creator.|

Over the past few years, I’ve set myself challenges in various areas of my life ranging from my business, finances, health, fitness, and habits. Not only has it pushed me to reach new accomplishments but I’ve found myself having an incredible time in the process.

Recently I’ve also felt the joy of seeing/helping people close to me achieve their own challenges. The purpose of this website and the tribe is to help people achieve their goals on a larger scale.

If you wish to read more about my background and some of the challenges that I’ve taken on then you should check out this blog post: Proof That Talent Is a Myth

If you have any questions, feedback or criticisms please feel free to drop me an email: