Click below to open the free budget spreadsheet template.

Then read the instructions below


Before starting, I’d recommend that you do these initial steps on a desktop or tablet.

Once your budget is set up it’s easy to then update your figures on a mobile using the Google Sheets app.

Step 1:

First you’ll need to make your own copy of the spreadsheet so that you can edit it.

Click File > Make a copy


Step 2:

Choose a name and select a folder then click OK.

Step 3:

Put in your total income, if this is a joint household budget for you and your partner then add your incomes together.

Step 4:

Edit and add/delete spend categories to fit with your spending.

Step 5:

Now add how much you would like to budget to spend within each category.

Once you add the budgets for each category this will calculate your total budget.

If you aren’t sure how much you should budget to save then the rule of thumb is to save 20% of your total income.

Using this calculation your total budget should add up to 80% of your total income – this figure has been calculated for you in cell B22.

Step 7:

As you spend through the month, update your ‘actual spend’ figures in either on a daily or weekly basis.

If you go over your budget for a category the text will turn red.

If this pushes your total actual spend over your total budget then it will also turn red.

Step 8:

At the end of the month, you’ll be able to see whether you stuck to your budget and if you have stuck to your budget then you can see how much you have left for savings etc

Step 9:

Move on to the next month! 🙂

Over time you’ll be able to see where you’re over-spending and how much your saving each month thanks to your budget.

Step 10:

Stick to it! If you go over budget don’t punish yourself, just take it on board and try to minimise spend in that area during the next month.

It may be challenging to keep your budget spreadsheet updated initially but within a month or two it should become habitual.

Good luck! If you have any questions please drop me an email on