The Benefits of Giving up Alcohol

I used to be a fairly regular drinker but then I decided to give it up for a year. Find out more about my experiences and the benefits of giving up alcohol.

Why I’m Preparing for the Next Recession

Back in 2017, I began researching macroeconomic trends as I thought that it could give me an edge within my long term investing strategy.

Upon digging deeper and developing an understanding of economic cycles it became clear that recessions are inevitable and predictable.

My Fat Loss Challenge

I’ve always been pretty happy with my weight, however, in June 2018 I realised that dropping some pounds and becoming slightly lighter on my feet could be advantages for running, boxing and for my overall health.

Proof that talent is a myth

When you take a close look at the careers and accomplishments of high performers it’s often the same combination of underlying techniques and theories that they’ve applied in order to excel.

In this article I break down some of those theories and explain how I’ve used them to conquer challenges of my own.