My Name’s Elliott Oshoko,

I’m  a Content Creator.|

Over the past few years, I’ve set myself challenges in various areas of my life ranging from my business, finances, health, fitness and habits. Not only has it pushed me to reach new accomplishments but I’ve found myself having an incredible time in the process.

I’ve also felt the joy of watching people close to me surprise themselves by achieving their own goals, and through this blog I’d like to encourage more people to achieve their goals on a larger scale.

Here I will provide pragmatic & straight forward tips, tools, methods, theories and best practices for crushing challenges across a range of fields and disciplines.

If you wish to get a feel for some of my recent challenges & the techniques I’ve used, my first blog is a great place to start: Proof That Talent Is a Myth

If you have any questions, feedback or criticisms please feel free to drop me an email: