Hi, I'm Elliott Oshoko

I am a Content Creator.|


My Name Is Elliott Oshoko

I’m a Content Creator.|

I Believe That Every Person Has Limitless Potential Within Them.

I hate the thought of people underestimating themselves and what they’re truly capable of. We live in a time in which we have access to an incomprehensible amount of knowledge and opportunity but many people hold themselves back from unlocking their true potential due to self-doubt, fear, procrastination or laziness.

I often hear people say they wish they could start a business, or lose weight, or learn new skills. Well, the truth is you can do all of these things; all you need is time, discipline and the right information.

Actions speak louder than words, so I’m dedicating my time to setting myself various challenges, conquering them, then breaking them down into pieces of content here to provide insights for others.

I will provide pragmatic & straight forward tips, tools, methods, theories and best practices for crushing challenges across a range of fields and disciplines.

If you wish to get a feel for some of my recent challenges & the techniques & strategies I’ve used, my first blog is a great place to start: Proof That Talent Is a Myth


Why I’m Preparing for the Next Recession

Why I’m Preparing for the Next Recession

Back in 2017, I began researching macroeconomic trends as I thought that it could give me an edge within my long term investing strategy.

Upon digging deeper and developing an understanding of economic cycles it became clear that recessions are inevitable and predictable.

My Fat Loss Challenge

My Fat Loss Challenge

I’ve always been pretty happy with my weight, however, in June 2018 I realised that dropping some pounds and becoming slightly lighter on my feet could be advantages for running, boxing and for my overall health.

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Check out some of the incredible transformations from members of the tribe below:

Tribe Transformation: Kasey Brown

Tribe Transformation: Kasey Brown

Before I even began thinking about making any changes, my life was completely different. Not only my life, but me as a person. I do not recognise who that person was. Honestly, I must start this by thanking Elliott Oshoko for allowing me to join the Tribe, and of...

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